Looking for a place to rent in London?

House Viewing Service can help.

Let a local attend viewings on your behalf.

How can we help you?

= viewers willing to attend viewings on your behalf

Information from a local

Viewers live near your interested property. Thus, they can offer valuable information. Like visiting the property at different times of the day, know how your commute will look like for work or school, and much more.

Get unbiased information

Contrary to agents or landlords, Viewers don't have an incentive to 'close the deal'. Therefore, you will not receive a sales pitch, rather information that is meaningful towards making a decision.

"The flat itself is in quite good condition. The hallways of the building smell of rubbish since the collection area is not properly closed. There are insect traps as well which can only mean one thing..."

Viewing 1

Beautiful and safe area. New building and renovated apartment. Far away from work.

Viewing 2

Not so safe area. Amazing flat for its cheap price. Close to work. No carpet on the floors.

Make a more informed decision

Create a checklist and list possible questions. Grab as much information as possible from each viewing. Not having the constraint of physically being at the viewing, allows you to take as much time as you need to figure out what to check about the house.

Narrow down your search

Whether you are abroad or not, you can use HVS to narrow down your search and save your self the time of attending viewings that are just not for you.

Trustworthy information

Even though the answers you receive will come from your Viewer, specific information about the property and the listing will be directed to the agent or the landlord.

As if you were there

Videos of the property

Receive a video of the viewing. Take a look at your interested property as the Viewer will show you every detail you asked for.

Photos of the property

Receive multiple photos of the property and surrounding area. Use them to make an informed decision by comparing the property with your other candidates.

Answers to your questions

Ask as many questions as you want. Choose from the ones we provide or type your own.